Organization Design and Redesign Consulting

Many organizations dedicate enormous resources to improving their technological or financial systems. However, the most successful organizations have come to understand the results of such investment are not maximized unless they also dedicate the necessary resources to their human capital. Our organizational design consultants bring real-world expertise and results to this critical process.

Development through design

Organization design is a process of designing the people and management systems within an organization—and pairing those systems with the technological and financial systems—to create an environment that fosters continuous improvement. Many organizations claim, "Our people are our greatest asset." However, only those organizations that truly believe that maxim commit the resources necessary to design and implement the people and management systems to give their company the competitive edge by capitalizing on the abilities of all team members.

Whether the process being undertaken is the design of a new organization, or the redesign of an existing one, the key to the success of the process remains the same: There must be an articulated common vision which provides the foundation upon which all the organization's human systems are built. Organization design (and redesign) is a unique process in that the ultimate success is completely dependent upon the degree to which participants embrace the process itself.

The process

The Weissman Group facilitates your organization's development of its mission statement and the subsequent process of designing the people systems built upon that statement of the organization's philosophy. In addition, the Weissman Group can assist the organization in keeping its people systems dynamic by providing training to members at all levels of the organization in such areas as problem solving, team process and facilitation skills, selection and pay system implementation and administration.