HR Outsourcing Services

Many small to medium sized companies have recognized that, while they may not require a fulltime Human Resources professional on staff, they cannot afford to operate without Human Resources systems and expertise. The Weissman Group offers such companies the opportunity to contract with us as their Human Resources Department. Depending on our clients’ needs, our staff can provide day-to-day HR services in the following areas:

  • Selection (including applicant interviews and reference checks)
  • Policy and procedure (including employee handbook creation or revision)
  • Training and orientation
  • Problem-solving facilitation
  • Conflict resolution facilitation
  • Employee grievance investigation and counsel
  • Employee discipline investigation and counsel
  • Labor law compliance
  • Development of processes and procedures to accomplish the above

Clients for whom we operate as a Human Resources Department have discovered the benefits of contracting with a team of professionals outside the company to handle the sensitive people problems that sometimes occur within the company. We offer an objective perspective, always in keeping with good employee relations, and we can assist even the smallest companies in using human capital as a strategic tool for innovation and improvement.

"The Weissman Group has been instrumental in assisting my companies with many successful projects such as union campaigns and corporate acquisitions for over 10 years. However, their most significant contribution is their insight and professionalism. I am always confident their involvement and HR management expertise will bring true value and enhance any endeavor we undertake."

Jim Spurlino
President, Spurlino Materials