Employee Compensation Systems

Compensation plans and packages; what motivates?

The question of whether pay motivates has been a matter of discussion and disagreement for decades. On the other hand, the most fundamental element of what motivates employees – pride in work, sense of ownership, a measure of influence and control and recognition – are almost universally accepted. The Weissman Group has worked with clients across many industries and in the public as well as the private sector to design or redesign compensation systems that are rooted in these motivating elements.

Employer cost

Compensation systems designed by The Weissman Group are tailored to fit each client organization and how these motivators are woven into that Company’s processes and culture. The Weissman Group has assisted numerous clients to transition from costly, entitlement based pay systems to dynamic, value added compensation systems.

“Typically, government agencies have a standard way of compensating and evaluating their employees. When the City of Vandalia, Ohio, made the tough decision to step out of the box and devise a compensation system more akin to those found in the private sector—one that was fair to our employees, workable for management and responsible to our taxpayers—we asked The Weissman Group for help. Norman and his responsive team became a part of OUR team for the better part of a year, doing all it took to devise a win-win program for everyone concerned. Even with the project complete, we will continue to turn to The Weissman Group when we are in need of solid, practical advice.”

Julie Trick
Assistant to the City Manager
City of Vandalia