Merger and Acquisition Services | Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Organizations involved in asset-only acquisitions face the challenge of selecting an entire workforce immediately. The Weissman Group is experienced in the development and execution of a plan to accomplish this daunting but critical task.

Acquire success, avoid chaos

Prior to the acquisition closing, we meet with key members of the purchasing organization to develop an applicant profile and accompanying selection tools, clearly outlining the employee’s criteria for success in the new organization. We guide the purchaser through decisions such as communication of openings, application gathering, interviewing logistics, the hiring decision process and, most critically, the sensitive nature of screening a workforce that is about to be laid off.


The Weissman Group consultants contract with the purchasing entity to conduct interviews, check references, determine whether an applicant is eligible for hire based on clearly defined criteria and present the data gathered in a format most beneficial for the purchaser to make the final hiring decision. Such a data-driven system results in fair and productive hiring decisions and has the added benefit of assuring that such decisions are defensible, if challenged. The defensibility of this system is bolstered by clear documentation of the data collected and consistent application of clearly defined measurement criteria. Systems designed by The Weissman Group have documentation and measurement processes that have been upheld by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, National Labor Relations Board and federal courts as being a nondiscriminatory process.

We have also assisted numerous organizations going through acquisitions with labor relations issues, handbook review and implementation, supervisory training and general human resources issues.


"In connection with its acquisition of the Hamilton, Ohio International Paper mill, Sun Premium Paper Partners faced the huge task of rapidly hiring a work force of over 450 employees. The Weissman Group was hired to be the initial Human Resources department, developing employment and interview processes and procedures. Thanks to The Weissman Group, the potential employee group of over 600 individuals was interviewed and hiring recommendations were developed in a period of less than 30 days. This allowed the new company, Smart Papers, LLC, to initiate operation within 5 days of shutdown by the former owners. The documentation and records of the entire process have been essential to the operation of the company."

Dan Maheu
Smart Papers, LLC