The Weissman Group Philosophy

One of the strong underpinnings of the Weissman Group's success is our philosophical belief that an organization's success is directly tied to the ability and willingness of its members to carry on meaningful dialog about critical issues. Many would say this comment is self-evident. However, the problem can be more complex than that.

The Weissman Group has achieved a high level of success in assisting organizations to maintain a direct relationship with their employees, design their new organizations to achieve record levels of success within their industries or negotiate collective bargaining agreements that meet the organization's needs with a minimum of the labor strife that so often accompanies such processes. The basis of this success is our ability to help those organizations capitalize on their internal strengths to enhance communication throughout all levels of the organization.

The Weissman Group's philosophy is simple: audio-visual presentations, intranet websites, emails and other technologies can effectively enhance, but cannot be a substitute for, direct communication.